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Invictus, one of the best worded descriptions of how resilient we are as human beings



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Invictus, by William Ernest Henley, one of the most inspiring poems I’ve ever read. The effect this poem has on me is much more profound today than the first time I read it as a teen ager.  I suppose the older we get, and the more experiences we have lived, the more capable we are to understanding the real meaning the poet had in mind at the time he wrote the poem. It is great to be reminded once in a while how resilient and capable we are as human beings under any circumstance or condition. 

The reason for posting this poem today is solely to help empower you, to remind you that nothing is as bad as it seems and that you have the power to change any circumstance you may find yourself in right now or in the future.

If failure has brought you down, just know that failure is a state of mind, it is not real. You may have temporary setbacks but that is all they are, setbacks and they are just temporal.

Let your real personality show, let your resiliency motivate you, know you are your own master and that everything is within your reach. You just need to believe in yourself and move forward with out any doubt.

Picture by: flickr-Vince-O’Sullivan