“If you fail to take action, failure is certain” – Unknown


Submitted by Juan P Rodriguez

Hi guys,

I read this quote today and loved it! What ever action we take is better than taking no action at all.

A story I read a couple of years back about the life of paratroopers storming battle zones in World War II came to mind after reading this quote. Just take a minute to think about it.  Most of us would consider skydiving as a sport, under ideal conditions, to be somewhat of a risky experience. Now imagine flying on a plane, probably flying at full weight capacity, being shot at, jumping out of it and becoming the target of many high powered rifles, floating through the air if the parachute in fact opened, landing on the ground and still having bullets fly around you. Once you regroup with your camarades, you start executing (taking action) your attack and hope that you make it out of this battle which is just one of many in this war!

Now imagine yourself back in your business environment, where there is rule of law, no war, no shooting and no skydiving. How bad can it really get if things don’t come out the way you plan them to? Are you going to dye if your business does not make it? Is it the end of your career? Are you not going to be able to pay back the money you borrowed? And to all of these fears I would say of course not! You will probably come out of it stronger, better prepared for the next time around and much more experienced.

Guys, lets put things in perspective. There is always something worst that could happen. Be positive, be diligent and work very hard to get whatever you’re looking for. Take the first step. Timing will never be perfect. The perfect time is the one when you dare take the first step.

Have a great day guys and remember, you need not worry too much about messing up but instead worry about not taking that first step that starts it all.


Art by flickr – Vicki DeLoach

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